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Will I get any recognition by the end of course/workshop?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Certificate will be awarded to each participant after completing the course successfully. If the course is not attended or not participated fully, certificates will not be issued.

Does it matter what level I think I’m at?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

We have categorized each course in different age groups and different level of skills. There are courses specially designed for absolute beginners; beginners and improvers, and others for beginners to intermediate artists.

How can I show my learned skill after completing course/workshop?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Where possible, public exhibition of created artworks and acquired skills at the end of the course will be held in Aangun – Center for Learning and Culture.

Will I fit in at a creative art course?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Everyone fits in and is very welcome at the Aangun – Center for Learning and Culture. All the course leaders at Aangun pride itself in offering a welcoming and fully inclusive center that embraces diversity and celebrates individual achievement. We welcome everyone of all ages, backgrounds, faiths, gender, race, ethnicity and ability and ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Can I get registered in multiple courses?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Yes, you can get registered in multiple courses.

Do I get customized courses or private classes?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Yes, please get in touch about your requirements on following email.

How do I withdraw from a course after fee deposit?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Once the fee is submitted, it is not possible to get the refund.

Do I need to bring my own water?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Yes, you can bring your water bottles and refill it from Aangun if needed. We also have a common room space for children to get refresh during the day.

Is Aagun suitable space for me in warm weather?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Yes, we have air-conditioned spaces with backup facility in case of power disruption.

Are there any safety protocols about the child?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

All our trainers are trained on child safety and protection. We also have a child protection policy in place to ensure the safety and security of a child.

Do you have waiting room facility at your center?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

We have limited space for waiting room capacity. It is best to drop off and pick up children from Aangun as per their schedule.

Can the course/camp be cancelled or rescheduled?2022-06-03T13:19:15+05:00

Yes, team has the right to cancel or reschedule the course/camp if the minimum participation requirement is not fulfilled. Minimum 10 participants required for the course and 15 for the camp

How we can pay?2022-06-03T13:21:29+05:00

You can book online and pay from your Master/Visa Credit/Debit Card, Order Cash Pickup from your home (Lahore only) and pay cash at the center.

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