Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Through this call of expression of interest, we are inviting organisation and companies to partner with us to host and co-create projects, workshops, events and performances in Lahore.

The opportunity is open for;

  • Arts and culture organisations
  • Organisations / companies working with children and youth
  • Event organisers
  • Content creators
  • Schools/Universities/Colleges

Located in Model Town, Lahore, Aangun Center for Learning and Culture is a physical event space with the following facilities;

  • A hall with 70-people floor seating and stage, equipped with professional sound and light system
  • A hall with 40-people floor seating space
  • A workshop and rehearsal room
  • 5 co-working spaces
  • A cafe and library (in development)

Aangun is managed by The Little Art as a collaborative platform for organisations working for children and youth to engage, learn and showcase.

We will get back to you with 3 working days after the submission of this form.